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Solving complex issues through the “3Cs”

Communications Strategy, Change Management, and Coaching


Words Matter -- Leaders that are vulnerable, transparent, and

communicate frequently, build trust and psychological safety

within their organizations

  • Gather Voice of Employee (VOE) and Voice of Customer (VOC)

  • Recommend key internal and external messaging

  • Build communications strategy

  • Develop plans that align with strategic priorities and key events

  • Determine appropriate and applicable communication channels based on audience and message

  • Update internal materials to reflect people-first approach

  • Create communication tools for tracking and monitoring satisfaction and success metrics


Change management is all about engaging, preparing,

and supporting the people-side of change efforts

  • Define vision

  • Conduct analyses on current state and pain points

  • Recommend change management strategy

  • Suggest solutions based on strategy and needs by audience (corporate, employee, customer)

  • Build Change Story

  • Determine Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

  • Provide Change Impact Assessment

  • Determine internal and external training needs

  • Design internal and external surveys

  • Align on KPIs and success metrics

  • Facilitate leadership, team-building, and lessons learned sessions (includes recommended actions)

  • Design and lead employee and customer listening journeys (includes recommended actions)

  • Generate ideas for rewards and recognition

  • Highlight risk factors and collaborate on contingency and risk mitigation planning

  • Review organizational design opportunities


Coaching is not therapy, consulting, or a “quick fix.”

What is Coaching? 


Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where clients are empowered to take action and move forward through thoughtful conversation. During sessions, clients will:

  • Determine work or life goals and their importance 

  • Uncover ways to solve issues through self-awareness and understanding

  • Align what is happening in the moment with personal values and beliefs

What is my Philosophy?

  • Make a positive difference in the lives of those around me 

  • Help organizations and individuals recognize what is getting in their way of success through self-discovery

  • Guide clients with kindness, curiosity, and intuition to fuel the power to drive change within themselves

Who do I work with? 

  • Organizations, executive leaders, business professionals

  • Individuals

I refer to myself as a "life-work coach," because you and your family come first. And the cultural norms, comfortable behaviors, and who you are at the core inform all areas of your life. I work with professionals struggling to balance these two worlds (especially since the Pandemic blended them even further together). 


Drawing from leadership experience in marketing, both customer and employee design, and change management, I coach people looking for their next promotion, navigating office politics, or learning how to be a new leader in recognizing what might be getting in the way and discovering ideas for achieving goals. 

Why Me?

While providing coaching services for many years, I became an accredited Narrative Certified Coach in 2023. Like most Executive & Life coaches, I bring my own lived experience to coaching which help form questions that both advance and support clients in achieving their goals. Additionally, my ability to “read between the lines” help clients go deeper and further in sessions than potentially dancing around an issue.

Here is a sampling of communications and change templates for reference.


If you'd like a free consultation to learn more and determine fit, please schedule an appointment here

To request other services, you may also Contact Me directly.

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